The National Trust

The National Trust, located on the main road before you get into the town of Salem, has information on trails for hiking around the island. They also have local gifts for sale. And we’re told there is a beautiful garden out back you may want to visit. They can also help you arrange to have a guide at a nominal fee that can take you up into the rain forests. It’s an adventure you won’t forget!

Luv's Cotton Shop

Luv’s Cotton Shop is located in the heart of downtown Salem. Open Mon-Fri, you’ll always find Doris working at her loom making hand made items from island cotton that will last a lifetime. This is a gift worth giving!

Montserrat Volcano Observatory

A visit to the Montserrat Volcano Observatory is a must for any visitor to the island. Here you will learn the history of the Soufriere Hills Volcano. Posters and pictures line the walls supplying all the information one needs to understand more fully how the people who called this little island home dealt with this unimaginable disaster. A short informative video is shown hourly and is well worth taking the time to view it.

The observatory is located atop the hillsides in the Town of Salem, a short ride from our villa. From there, you will get a great view of the steaming hills of this famous volcano.

For more information, visit the MVO site at: http://www.montserratvolcanoobservatory.info/


Plymouth Boat Tour

The best way to see Plymouth is by boat and Troy at the Green Monkey is the one to contact for this adventure. On the way to Plymouth you get a wonderful view of the Center Hills.

Try to book your boat tour on a calm quiet day for the most enjoyable boat trip.

Wade's Leather Goods

Cecil Wade is proud of his sandals. And he should be. He makes the finest hand-made leather sandals you'll find anywhere. You can purchase them off the shelf, or he's happy to make them to order in any size and color.

His shop is located in the town of Cudjoe Head up the hill and across from Norman's supermarket. Best yet, his prices are reasonable. You can call Cecil at 664-491-5214 or just stop by. He's usually there making yet another pair of beautiful sandals.

Kayaking to Rendezvous Bay

Rendezvous Bay is accessible by boat or kayaks. You can also hike over the mountain. My preference is to take the kayaks out on a beautiful calm day at sea. You can rent them at the Green Monkey at Little Bay.

It's a short row around the cliffs to Rendezvous. Pack a lunch and chairs and plenty of beer. It makes the day all the more pleasant. Often times we are the only ones on the beach, however, don't be surprised if a boat pulls up and unloads.

There is great snorkeling to the right side around the rocks and the further out you go the better it is. Forgot your snorkeling gear? No problem, you can always rent all kinds of equipment at the Green Monkey.